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Statue of Responsibility

The Statue of Responsibility is proposed to be a massive statue.

Statue of Responsibility Speech

The Statue of Responsibility has been my passion in life for the last twenty years, and I am immensely dedicated to seeing it built. Proceeds generated by the sale of my artwork go towards the development and creation of The Statue of Responsibility; the monument for all Mankind.  All Sales will be put towards make this vision a reality. Visit the statue of responsibility’s website by clicking here.

We propose to build this to be among some of the tallest monuments built in history, click here for a list of the current tallest monuments on earth!  We hope to make it as tall, if not taller, than the Birth of a New World, but the Statue of Responsibility will be placed in San Francisco to make it the largest statue in the world!

It has been over ten years since I was last able to work on this project, but I’m back! Thank you.

Photos of the Statue of Responsibility

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